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Searching for information about someone online is supposed to be a breeze. After all, search engines like Google claim to show you the most relevant results for whatever you want. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t include public records about everyday people. When you need information on someone, you need a way to get results that is fast, reliable, and easy — which is where US People Search comes in.

Whether you want to learn more information about the CEO of a company or connect with a long-lost family member, US People Search has you covered. Our people search engine utilizes multiple public record databases at once, resulting in a report that gives you a full picture of someone by revealing information from criminal records, marriage records, civil records, bankruptcies, loans, lawsuits, address records, and more. You’ll also be shown their available email addresses, phone numbers, alternate names, and even social media profiles.

Your Ultimate Person Lookup Service

Who We Are

US People Search is the best people search engine around. We offer a unique search engine that's connected to millions of public records databases across the United States. You can use our search engine to find people with a phone number, address, or even their name. Unlike Google and other search engines, our information is people-focused, so you don't have to worry about going down rabbit holes that leave you empty-handed.

We also pride ourselves on having the most accurate people search engine in the country. Information is sourced from an active database, and everything is updated accordingly. Therefore, you never have to worry about calling the wrong number.

Who We Are

Where We Source Information

US People Search sources our information from a collection of reputable public record databases. Everything you see on our website is carefully updated and maintained to ensure you get the best results possible.

Furthermore, we only source our information from reputable databases that include information about:

  • Criminal Records

    Criminal Records

  • Court Records

    Court Records

  • Marriage/Divorce Records

    Marriage/Divorce Records

  • Property & Real Estate

    Property & Real Estate

  • Information from Lawsuits

    Information from Lawsuits

  • Sex Offenders

    Sex Offenders

  • Social Media & Dating

    Social Media & Dating

  • Death Records

    Death Records

  • Lists of Phone Numbers

    Lists of Phone Numbers

These are only some of the places we source our information from. We also have some niche options like information about the System for Award Management (SAM), which verifies vendors who can work for the government.

What You Can Do With US People Search

US People Search makes discovering new things fun. The days of wondering about what happened to one of your aunts or whether or not a potential date has a criminal record are simple and easy with US People Search.

  • Verify Someone's Identity

    Verify Someone's Identity

    The most popular reason to use US People Search is to verify someone's identity. When you're speaking with someone online or over the phone, it's hard to know if they are who they say they are. Thankfully, you can run a people search with available information you have about them to discover their true identity. If the information doesn't exist, it's a warning sign that they're hiding something.

  • Run Background Checks

    Run Background Checks

    Background checks are expensive, and in the past, there weren't many options. You either had to pay a private investigator or work with a background check company. Unfortunately, both of these options are expensive, and if you're a small business owner, you might not even have enough employees for it to make sense.

    While you can try to find people's records through public records databases, doing so is challenging and time-consuming. This is where US People Search comes into play.

    US People Search can help you compile information about someone's sex offender status, criminal history, work history, educational background, etc. Plus, there's no minimum amount of background checks you need to run or expensive costs. This makes US People Search ideal for small businesses and individuals who want to run background checks.

  • Find Lost Friends 

    Find Lost Friends 

    Lost friends don't have to stay lost forever as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. If you've lost touch with someone over the years, US People Search can help you reconnect with them. As long as you know their name, address, or phone number, you can find anyone you're looking for.

    When approaching old friends, start small and don't be too pushy about it if they're not receptive. Start with a call or text and take it from there, especially if you didn't end off on good terms.

  • Connect With Family Members

    Connect With Family Members

    Families are huge, and sometimes, we lose touch with the people we love. Perhaps you have a family of your own and haven’t kept up with more distant relatives, or you haven't spoken to an uncle who's moved across the country.

    Regardless of why you're looking, US People Search can help you rekindle relationships with your family. All you need is their name to get started.

    With US People Search, you can find their address, phone number, and other contact information.

  • Monitor Someone's Online Behavior

    Monitor Someone's Online Behavior

    Are you worried about a cheating spouse? Or perhaps you want to check on your child's browsing activity? While you can't always find the exact websites they're using, US People Search can help you locate social media profiles, dating profiles, and other accounts associated with someone. This can help you learn more about someone's behavior if you're curious or suspicious.

  • Learn More About an Address

    Learn More About an Address

    Learning more about an address is great for buying or selling real estate. You can also leverage knowledge about an address to determine if you can open a store there based on how it's zoned. Our address lookup can help you learn more about any address, and we take this a step further by helping you find contact information to reach out to any owners or previous owners.

    These are some of the most common reasons to use US People Search. Depending on your needs and unique situation, you might find more reasons to search.

How to Find Someone on US People Search

Finding information with US People Search is a breeze, especially when you compare the process side-to-side with other search engines and even other reverse search platforms. As long as you follow the steps we provide below, you can find almost anyone you're looking for in minutes.

  • 01
    Choose Your Tool

    Choose Your Tool

    First and foremost, you need to choose the tool you want to use. The people search helps you find people with their names, but you can also use the address or phone lookup if you don't know someone's name.

  • 02
    Enter Their Information

    Enter Their Information

    Next, it's time to enter the information you have. The search tool will have a place for you to enter this information, and then you can begin the search. Provide as much information as possible for the best results.

  • 03
    Locate the Result You're Looking For

    Locate the Result You're Looking For

    Typically, the information you're looking for will be the first search result. However, sometimes, you may need to add more information; someone's age, the state they are located in, or known relatives can help our tool narrow down the search results further.

  • 04
    Select the Person You Want to View

    Select the Person You Want to View

    Once you have the right person, click on their name to open their report. You'll be taken to a preview screen showing their basic information. This will include their name, address, phone number, and other details verifying their identity. Take this time to determine if you're on the right search result.

  • 05
    Open the Full Report

    Open the Full Report

    The next step is also a breeze. Open the full report to view all of the available public records about someone. You'll have to create an account to view the results. There is also a free trial, which will help you see if US People Search is the right fit for your goals.

    Following these steps will help you use all of our people search tools.


Have questions about US People Search and the services we provide? Find answers to common questions below.

Where Else Is The Information on US People Search Located?

Technically, you can find information about anyone in the appropriate public records database. As long as you know where someone is from, you can search through the appropriate database to find the information you're looking for. 

That said, this becomes challenging if you don't live in the state, especially if the database doesn't have an online version. Thankfully, our database pulls information from multiple public records databases, so you don't have to worry about coming up empty.

How Long Does a People Search Take?

People searches with US People Search take a couple of minutes. In fact, you can view a basic report about someone in less than five minutes (on average). On the other hand, more detailed reports take more time to develop. Still, you can expect to find anything you're looking for in less than 10 minutes. These are only averages, and your results may vary depending on the extent of someone's records.

Do People Know When I Look Them Up?

The best part about US People Search is that people have no idea you're searching for them. Everything is anonymous, so you don't have to worry about the person getting an email or any type of notification. We always recommend using our search engine if you want to locate someone without alerting them because platforms like LinkedIn have settings that alert users to searches.

Are People Searches Legal in the United States?

Yes, people searches are completely legal in the United States. Following the guidelines outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will help you avoid running into any legal problems. Still, as long as you don't do anything illegal, there's no reason for you to get in trouble. 

To avoid any problems, avoid running searches on people who are applying for a job, current employees, domestic helpers, and people who have court orders against you. Otherwise, search away!

Can People Search for Information About Me?

Yes, people can search for information about you with a tool like US People Search. In fact, your information is available for free in public databases, so it's just a matter of someone finding your records.

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