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What phone number does Tina Getty currently have?

The phone number we have for Tina is (410) 766-4558.

Does Tina Getty have an address on file?

Tina's current address seems to be 0 Rr 157 #, Lexington, SC 29073.

Does Tina Getty have an email address?

Email dol****@iwon.com to reach Tina Getty.

How old is Tina Getty and what year were they born?

Tina Getty was born between 1967 and 1971 and is around 53 to 56 years old.

Who are some of Tina Getty's relatives?

Some of Tina Getty's relatives are Ronald Lease, Hazel Blankenship and William Getty.

Is Tina Getty married or in a relationship?

Tina Getty has a 51% chance of being married or in a relationship.

Is Tina Getty rich?

Tina Getty seems to make an income between $60K and $70K.

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